Our Team

Intellectual curiosity and ambition define us. Our diverse knowledge and critical thinking skills make our team more than a set of position descriptions. We value experience but challenge employees to approach client needs with fresh ideas and find unique solutions. Effecting real change in complex global problems is what we like to do.

  • Ross Brindle
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jack Eisenhauer
  • John Mortensen
    Vice President
  • Patrick White
    Vice President
  • Annie Best
    Visual Communications Specialist
  • Jim Carey
    Senior Technical Consultant
  • Kendra Chappell
    Program Manager
  • Jenn Ganss
    Research and Communications Analyst
  • Greg Hildeman
    Senior Technical Advisor
  • Jack Holmes
    Research Analyst
  • Warren Hunt
    Senior Advisor
  • Lindsay Kishter
    Senior Consultant
  • Jared Kosters
    Technical Project Manager
  • Rachel Lanspa
    Technical Writer and Editor
  • Sarah Lichtner
    Project Manager and Senior Editor
  • Heather Mann
    Director of Accounting and Administration
  • Lindsay Pack
    Director of Communications
  • Julianne Puckett
    Senior Content Designer
  • Pat Siebenlist
    Research Analyst
  • Stephanie Spaulding
    Program Analyst
  • Changwon Suh
    Technical Program Manager
  • Beth Ward
    Project Manager