Data Collection

Anyone can search the internet. But we know how to collect the data you really need.

Our research skills and diverse network of experts enables us to pinpoint and mine the most reliable and reputable sources available. We look beyond the first page of search results, getting to second- and third-tier sources that others may miss or not have access to, and conduct rigorous literature reviews, mining peer-reviewed journals for the most credible information available. We supplement this research by conducting expert interviews and targeted surveys. By seeking out and thoroughly documenting credible sources, we provide you with accurate, on-point data you can use with confidence.

Sample Projects

  • propane tanks

    Validating the Accuracy of Propane Marketing Claims

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  • communicating intelligence worldwide graphic

    Studying Two-Way Intelligence Sharing between Government and Critical Sectors

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  • sparks from materials manufacturing

    Defining Opportunities for Materials and Manufacturing Innovation

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