Executive Roundtables and Advisory Groups

Executives think in big-picture solutions but want concrete actions. Our team can guide you to the end game at the speed of business.

At Nexight Group, we know that your time is valuable. Our executive facilitation helps you to frame the problem, consider practical strategies with your team, and commit to actions that will get results. Our facilitation techniques are designed to help leaders nail down strategies and identify next steps that will get you where you want to go. With our help, you’ll stop asking what executives need and instead decide how to get things done.

Sample Projects

  • critical infrastructure-bridge

    Helping a Presidential Advisory Council to Design a Framework for Sector Resilience

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  • sparks from materials manufacturing

    Defining Opportunities for Materials and Manufacturing Innovation

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  • communicating intelligence worldwide graphic

    Studying Two-Way Intelligence Sharing between Government and Critical Sectors

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