Best Practice Sharing

There’s no need to solve the same problem twice. We can help you reach your goals without reinventing the wheel.

Knowledge communities who share best practices grow together. Rather than working at odds or in a vacuum, the members of these communities reduce redundancies and have access to the most up-to-date information possible. At Nexight, we provide an environment where you and your community can come together to exchange knowledge in a way that benefits everyone. Our team serves as an unbiased third-party with the facilitation skills it takes to get you on your way to improving your own work and advancing the overall state of the art.

Sample Projects

  • power lines

    Facilitating Cyber Security Information Exchange for Smart Grid Early Adopters

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  • power plant by water

    Increasing the Reuse of Municipal Wastewater at Power Plants

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  • emergency vehicles

    Testing Emergency Response through Tabletop Exercises

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