Strategic Planning

Successful strategies start with a solid game plan. We help you design a winning approach that gets everyone working on the same team.

Collaborative planning is the new business paradigm. Our experience working with the public, private, and non-profit sectors enables us to bring together the people with the perspectives you need to realize your goals. Using our proven facilitation and planning techniques, we help you create a strategic plan that aligns the actions of essential stakeholders along common objectives. By getting everyone on the same page, we help you create a tool that enables you to take action today.

Sample Projects

  • power plant by water

    Increasing the Reuse of Municipal Wastewater at Power Plants

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  • tilled agriculture field

    Targeting Food and Agriculture Sector Resources to High-Priority Resilience Needs

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  • oil-rig-thumbnail-large

    Preventing and Mitigating the Consequences of Complex Systems Failure

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