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Case Study:

Accelerating U.S. Pandemic Response and Recovery

Nexight Group supported the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) to develop the National Technology Roadmap for Pandemic Response and Recovery, which outlines a technology-based action plan for strengthening and accelerating U.S. pandemic response and preparedness.

The Challenge

Urgent Need for Systems and Infrastructure for Effective Response to Large-Scale Health Crises

The widespread public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic exposed an urgent need for systems and infrastructure for quickly and effectively responding to large-scale health crises such as pandemics. Recognizing the need for a coordinated national strategy, ARMI sought funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and worked with Nexight to develop the roadmap—the first pandemic roadmap driven by the manufacturing sector.

Our Solution

A Technology-Based Action Plan for Strengthening and Accelerating U.S. Pandemic Response and Preparedness

On a highly accelerated timeline in 2020, Nexight conducted extensive desktop research and interviewed more than 75 multidisciplinary experts and senior leaders from the frontlines of pandemic response. Nexight synthesized these crucial inputs to outline a strategy for stronger, faster, and more coordinated U.S. pandemic response and recovery through investment and advancements in six key technical focus areas:

  • Supply chains
  • Manufacturing
  • Deployment and access
  • Data infrastructure
  • Predictive capabilities
  • Regulatory processes

Within each focus area, Nexight and ARMI worked with expert contributors to both outline current challenges and barriers as well as characterize the optimized future state. The team also developed prioritized research and development activities to further accelerate recovery from COVID-19 and inform long-term investments to improve future pandemic readiness.

The result is a compelling, thoughtfully designed roadmap that can help align public and private sector collaboration efforts to increase U.S. preparedness and resiliency.

Accelerating US Pandemic


The National Technology Roadmap for Pandemic Response and Recovery provides a rapidly deployable action plan for needed technological developments through 2030. These activities can reduce the impact of future pandemics by:

  • Containing the initial spread of disease
  • Accelerating development and review of treatments and vaccines
  • Equipping medical staff with supplies needed to safely and effectively treat patients
  • Enabling rapid production and equitable distribution of tests, vaccines, and therapeutics

Both industry and government, working collaboratively, can leverage the roadmap to coordinate, direct, and accelerate large-scale efforts to advance recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure rapid response to future disease outbreaks so that the country never again faces such a profound loss of life and steep social and economic cost.

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