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Case Study:

Facilitating Stakeholder Discussions on Security Challenges Impacting America’s Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Nexight Group conducted a series of facilitated sessions to help a government client address pressing security challenges faced by America’s critical infrastructure sectors. We also developed summary reports with recommendations to improve existing the client's products and services and to inform the development of new initiatives.

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The Challenge

Effectively Mitigating and Responding to Threats and Attacks on the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

Our nation’s critical infrastructure is at risk of experiencing physical and cyber attacks by threat actors:

  • Cyber actors and nation-states are developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of essential services.
  • Critical infrastructure is increasingly subjected to sophisticated cyber intrusions that pose new risks.
  • There is a growing risk for the occurrence of wide-scale events with significant consequences that will harm or disrupt critical services on which millions of Americans depend.

Recognizing the need for sector partners to be better equipped to effectively navigate an evolving threat landscape, our government client brought stakeholders together and determine how it could support them in achieving this goal. The agency enlisted Nexight’s help based on our experience hosting facilitated sessions with stakeholders on challenging topics and delivering high-quality outputs that clearly outline next steps.

Our Solution

Hosting Facilitated Sessions with Stakeholders on Sector-Specific Challenges and Initiatives, Drafting Corresponding Reports

Facilitated Sessions

Nexight Group worked with the government agency to host a series of facilitated sessions with sector partners. These sessions took place in phases and covered the following topics:

  • Phase 1: Discussion of the challenges related to physical and cybersecurity threats that their sector was facing.
  • Phase 2: Brainstorming initiatives to address the challenges identified in Phase 1, then prioritizing those initiatives in real time.


Nexight Group delivered corresponding summary reports for each session, which allowed for sector partners present during the session to ensure their ideas were captured correctly and gave those who were unable to attend the opportunity to provide input. Information on the reports delivered are detailed below.


  • Sector Landscape Reports: Drafted before the facilitated sessions using desktop research and input from sector partners, these are public-facing reports that provide general information on factors that impact each sector’s security and resilience posture.
  • Session Summary Reports: A summary of the challenges or initiatives identified during the respective facilitated sessions.
  • Phase 1 Summary Report: A compilation of the session summary reports for Phase 1, which includes feedback shared by the sector partners.
  • Phase 2 Summary Report: A compilation of the session summary reports for Phase 2, which includes feedback shared by the sector partners.
  • Gap Statements and Requirement Analysis Report: Identifies the overarching challenge or concern that the initiatives identified during Phase 2 address, as well as the sector needs that are fulfilled by addressing that root cause.
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  • We were able to help the agency successfully bring sector partners together to discuss some of the most pressing security issues facing the nation’s critical infrastructure sectors, as well as solutions to mitigate those issues.
  • Our process also helped sector partners develop more concrete initiatives that the agency can pursue to continue to fulfill its role of connecting industry and government stakeholders to resources and tools to build their cyber, communications, and physical security posture and resilience for the American people.
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